Skateboarding as a form of meditation

Skateboarding is one of those activities that has lured in many a loner. It requires no large equipment, no other teammates (although it’s always most fun to skate with a crew) and no real involvement of anyone except the skater themselves. That’s what makes it easy to consider skateboarding as a form of meditation more so than other team activities.

As a skater gets warmed up and limbers up their body, It pretty much leads to a flow state. A state of absolute clarity in your ability and how much you can push yourself to really enjoy this time that you’ve dedicate to the session today. There’s always a limit, and you can push it up the hill like sisyphus everyday, gradually learning a new trick, training yourself to not fear.

It’s something you have to keep doing to not lose practice, and it gets, so rewarding when tended to consistently. Much like the habit of meditating, or tending to a tree 🙂

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skateboarding as a form of meditation

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