Welcome to GSCSK8, your trusted source for all things skateboarding. We bring you a wide selection of skateboards and accessories to fulfill your skateboarding needs. Our dedicated team of enthusiasts is here to provide expert guidance and help you find the perfect setup that suits your style and skill level.

We believe in keeping our space inclusive, safe and welcoming to all, whether it’s our skatepark on a daily basis or any of our events. Human rights and social justice are very important to us.

Visit us today and discover the quality and community we offer to skateboarders like you.

Also, if you are wondering… why we are called “Gwalior Sickness Centre?” 

It is because the word “sick” is overwhelmingly positive in skateboarding culture, and it was an inside joke that was once made that just how funny it would be to name it so, making it sound like a sort of hospital for the sickest amongst us 😀

The skatepark was founded by Angad Singh, in Gwalior.
Angad believes every city needs a skatepark, and it was  about time Gwalior had one!

The murals in the skatepark are done by Avian Dsouza, a friend to the skatepark owner Angad Singh and a beloved mentor for many who have learned to skate here.

Check out his art and his website here:- Avian D’Souza (google.com)

for a more in depth look into the murals and artwork check out our page dedicated to it here:-

Artwork that was made by Avian dsouza long before the skatepark existed. At the home of Angad
Angad Singh holding one of the earliest GSCSK8 deck prototypes!
Rishav assembling one of our Unique hand painted decks, with clear griptape. Painted by Avian. This one was called "Broth". Click this image to see other GSCSK8 decks currently on sale
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