Learn with us! Anyone can skate! You just have to consistently show up!

Skateboarding is for everyone. Not everyone needs to play with danger everyday, sometimes you just want to cruise around, sometimes it helps you relax after a stressful day. There is no one too old or too heavy or too unbalanced to skate. Let us try to teach you. We have taught people of many ages, and many different abilities. We can help you buy the best skateboard for your level as well 🙂 Let us help you buy your first skateboard!

Our philosophy is to not separately charge for learning skateboarding for beginners. Anyone who comes to our skatepark gets to skate for an introductory price of 20 rupees only for their first day! After your first time you will be charged 100 rupees to use our skateboards for a full day. No one rents skateboards this cheap in the whole country! We suggest you buy a board from us, then we charge just 20 rupees per day for you to skate. We’ll keep giving you practice drills and challenges to better your skateboarding!

If you want private classes, come talk to us and we’ll figure Something out for you 🙂

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