Please don’t buy jaspo skateboards

Don’t buy Jaspo skateboards. Buy your first board from us instead!

In Gwalior, we offer boards on installments. The Boards we sell are excellent, otherwise we wouldn’t sell them! Come use your board, and slowly pay it off.

Never buy Jaspo boards. these carbon fiber type boards they make are absolutely pathetic. An industry standard skateboard is able to handle up to 200 kg of weight. We only sell high quality, industry standard skateboards.

These Jaspo boards can barely handle 70 kgs. The boards bend and wobble, their nuts and bolts keep falling out.

don't buy jaspo skateboards
Lies! Lies! Lies! Jaspo sucks

Trust actual skateboarders, jaspo boards are some of the worst skateboards you can buy. Specially the fiber ones. Total waste of money.

Jaspo treats skateboards like it’s a bunch of kids playing with toys, and that’s what it makes, plastic toys.

The wooden jaspo skateboards are actually manageabale, but they too have non standard nuts and bolts. the kingpin sticks out of their trucks which will make it super hard to learn any grinding related tricks.

Jaspo boards also have thick decks, and really, really bad grip tape.

We understand that your first thought goes to buying the cheapest board for you, but these boards are NOT safe to ride. They’re also not fun to ride! So if you’re thinking “Should i buy a Jaspo skateboard?” the answer is NO! Come buy your first skateboard from us!

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